California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Seven Strategic Initiatives

The Department of Fish Game (DFG) is the lead agency for conserving California’s fish, wildlife and habitat resources and we are leaders in our field.

In early 2006, DFG leadership took a collective pause to envision DFG five, 10 and 15 years into the future. The Director assembled a team of staff, middle managers, and executive team members to participate in a structured process to solicit, capture, and assemble ideas – ultimately initiatives – that represented a direction for DFG. The team was challenged to look beyond day-to-day activities, however vital, and consider what legacy they would leave for wildlife, the public and DFG employees. They were tasked with determining how to maximize existing resources and capitalize on the new funding sources to best insure this inheritance and to identify where organizationally the responsibility for these efforts would reside.

The team identified seven strategic Initiatives for further exploration. These Initiatives signify the continual evolution of DFG and its direction. The next step was to develop strategies and tasks for both short- and long-term efforts to implement these Strategic Initiatives.

These Initiatives are: