California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Acquatic Bioassesment Lab

CalEDAS Bioassessment Database Availability

Since 2000, DFG's Aquatic Bioassessment Laboratory has been developing a MS Access database called CalEDAS to manage California bioassessment data.
CalEDAS was created to meet ABL data storage and reporting needs, but its design can be modified to accommodate the needs of other programs (e.g. SNARL, UCD-ATL, citizen monitoring, private labs, etc). By late 2005, this database will serve as the standard bioassessment database for the State Water Quality Control Board's bioassessment data ( see link for further information). The current version of CalEDAS has the structure to handle benthic macroinvertebrate data and we are currently working on the integration of physical habitat and chemistry data. However, although the current version of CalEDAS has most of the structure needed to handle bioassessment data, it is utilitarian but not very user-friendly.

We will provide copies of the database to anyone at no cost, but we do not have the resources to provide any user support.

As part of the ongoing effort to integrate CalEDAS with the current SWAMP database, we will be developing user tools (e.g. user's manuals, data dictionaries) to support the database, but these will be managed by the State Water Quality Control Board. Thus, future versions of the database should be much more user-friendly, but the ABL has no future plans to provide user support.

We strongly recommend that anyone interested in using CalEDAS in its current version have access to someone with database expertise.

Interested parties without access to database support may want to consider waiting until the version with user's manual support is available (expected by summer 2005).

Please direct requests for current copies of CalEDAS to:

Aquatic Bioassessment Laboratory
Water Pollution Control Laboratory
California Department of Fish and Game
2005 Nimbus Road
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

(916) 358-0316