California Department of Fish and Wildlife

California Fish and Wildlife Warden Stamp

Photo of warden and k-9 inspecting boatPhoto of warden teaching boy to castPhoto of warden conducting special sting operation
2014 California Fish and Wildlife Warden Stamp

Purchase a 2014 Warden Stamp decal for $5

392 Game Wardens patrol and protect 159,000 square miles of California's natural habitat.

The 2014 California Game Warden Stamp can now be purchased for $5 ONLINE. It is also available at CDFW regional and licensing offices or by sending in this Form (PDF). The Warden Stamp is a decal that can be proudly displayed to show your support for the work wardens do. All funds raised from the sales of the stamp go to purchase:

  • New communications and surveillance devices
  • Protective equipment
  • Training in specialized areas
  • New law enforcement programs, such as the CDFW's K-9 Program

Warden Stamps support wildlife protection in California.

In recent years, CDFW's budget has been significantly reduced due to the state's economic downturn. These reductions have overwhelmed CDFW's Law Enforcement Division. Recognizing the dire situation, an advocacy group proposed the idea of selling a “Game Warden Stamp” to raise additional funds to support Game Wardens critical work on behalf of California's natural resources.

  • Game Wardens are responsible for protecting
    • more than 1,000 native fish and wildlife species, 6,300 native plant species and 360 threatened or endangered species
    • California's 159,000 square miles of land (414 square miles per warden)
    • 1,100 miles of coastline, 30,000 miles of rivers and streams, 4,800 lakes and reservoirs and 80 major rivers
  • Game Wardens patrol on foot, by plane, boat, all-terrain vehicles, snow mobiles, and even on horseback
  • There is one game warden for every 200,000 constituents

Game Wardens work hard to educate those they encounter in the outdoors, as well as school children in the classroom, about the importance of resource conservation, pollution prevention, and the importance of a healthy natural environment. These men and women dedicate their lives to ensuring our resources are here for future generations. You do not have to be an outdoor enthusiast to help, just someone who cares about protecting California's wildlife populations and conserving the habitats in which they live.