California Department of Fish and Wildlife

CDFW Climate College Training Resources

In order to increase climate change literacy among CDFW employees and our partners, the CDFW has created the Climate College to provide a foundation of knowledge on climate change. Accessing the variety of online climate change tools, literature, and other references is a very useful and important part of this climate change education. In support of this initiative CDFW along with its partners have pulled together a sampling of existing online webinars and videos related to climate change and natural resource conservation. By creating a network of existing webinars and videos, CDFW hopes to provide staff and partners with resources that will empower them to incorporate climate change into their work and to be climate leaders in California.

Key Repositories of Climate Training Webinars and Videos for Wildlife and Habitat

  • US Forest Service Climate Change Resource Center
    • Climate change presentations
      The US Forest Service provides a compendium of excellent video presentations on a variety of topics pertaining to forests, including:
      • Climatology
      • Vegetation
      • Water and Fish
      • Case Studies
      • Modeling
      • Adaptation
      • Forests and Carbon
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service National Conservation Training Center
    • Safeguarding Wildlife from Climate Change Webinar series
      The US Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Conservation Training Center is currently hosting a web conference series with the National Wildlife Federation focused on climate change and wildlife challenges. Past webinars have covered topics ranging from climate change and California birds, adaptation, vulnerability assessments, landscape connectivity, climate change communication, and more.
  • Climate, Adaptation, Mitigation, E-Learning (CAMEL)
    • Climate Change Continuing Education Symposium Webinars
      Presentations on the basics of climate change and common climate change misconceptions; videos on climate change as it pertains to a variety of sectors and topics including wine, food, energy, and traditional ecological knowledge.
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • National Conservation Training Center
  • CDFW Climate CollegeCalifornia Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs)

Sampling of Videos by Key Topic